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Mental Health and Back to School Season

Back to school season is a daunting experience for everyone involved. From school supply lists and shopping to transitioning back to routines and full days in the classroom, it can wreak havoc on stress levels for people of all ages - students most of all. 

Whether you’re a parent, guardian, teacher, or school administrator, here are a few simple steps to helping the kids in your life prioritize their mental health this back to school season. 


Reintroduce routines

After weeks of sleeping in, family vacations, and enjoying some fun in the sun, reorienting to a structure and daily routine is hard for anyone, let alone a child.

For students already anxious about going back to school, walking through their new normal is a simple way to eliminate the unknowns that contribute to stress. This includes new bedtimes, mealtimes, and expectations around homework and other school activities. 


Celebrate sleep

We’ve written before about how sleep is essential for overall function and focus, especially in children and teens. Encouraging students to limit caffeine intake and smartphone use - or creating a “no tech zone” in bedrooms during wind-down hours - are simple, effective ways to make sure students get enough quality sleep each night. 


Keep communication open

Having open conversations about emotions and stressors arms students with healthy coping strategies in high-stress situations. We can validate what they’re experiencing, shift their perspective, help them take a few deep breaths, call a friend or loved one, or mobilize a problem-solving strategy. 


Consult a professional

Referring a child to a mental health professional should be as commonplace as taking them to a pediatrician when they have the flu. At Vita Health, our team of therapists and psychiatrists are ready and willing to help with any mental health concern - no matter how big or small. 


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