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Vita Health Announces $22.5M Series A Funding Round

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Vita Health, the first provider of clinically validated suicide prevention through innovative care management announced today the close of a $22.5M Series A funding round.  

The funding will support the rapid expansion of life-saving services targeting youth and adults nationwide.  The Vita behavioral health care pathways are based on the founding team’s successful clinical trials published in JAMA, The American Journal of Psychiatry and thousands of patient encounters demonstrating reductions in suicide attempts by more than 60% and deaths by up to 80%. 

A group of investors from across the healthcare landscape, including LFE Capital, Athyrium Capital Management, Flare Capital Partners, CVS Health Ventures and CU Healthcare Innovation Fund participated in the round, along with Connecticut Innovations and HopeLab.

Vita Health uniquely addresses some of the most challenging and costly areas of healthcare.  Their initial mission focused on the ongoing suicide epidemic across all ages. This mission expanded to address the youth mental health crisis beyond suicide for other common conditions such as anxiety and depression. 

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens and college age students and a top five killer for adults per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2021 there were over 1.7 million suicide attempts in the US. Vita Health is the only telehealth provider specialized in suicide care, who also offers teletherapy and psychiatry services for a broad spectrum of behavioral health conditions.

Founded by a unique consortium of several of the nation’s leading suicide risk experts from leading universities as well as a group of some of the most seasoned behavioral health innovators, Vita Health’s offering was designed to address the underlying issues behind suicide.  “Our collective motivation was to shift a very deadly curve in our society that has far reaching and lasting implications for all involved,” says Vita Health co-founder and chief executive officer, Lynn Hamilton.  “We are humbled by the participation from a broad group of sophisticated, experienced, and strategic investors.  With a growing roster of health plan partners, provider partners, employers, colleges and universities, we are expanding our reach to directly address the most challenging mental health problems in the U.S.”

About Vita Health

Founded in 2021, Vita Health is the leading provider of suicide focused care and general mental health services through an innovative, scientifically validated care model offering timely mental health care and support on a national basis.  Vita Health offers care on a national basis through value-based models with  payers, providers, employers, universities and others. The co-founding scientific and clinical team pioneered leading interventions proven to reduce suicide attempts. Vita’s co-founders include leading suicide experts from several major national universities including Dr. David Rudd (University of Memphis), and Dr. Craig Bryan (Ohio State University), Dr. Cheryl King (University of Michigan), Dr. Greg Brown (University of Pennsylvania), and the late Dr. Barbara Stanely (Columbia University).

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