Join us to transform adolescent mental health care

We're on a mission to deliver the highest quality mental health care to adolescents and transitional age youth.

We believe that no youth is too ill and no problem is too small

Vita Health provides a therapy-first model of care using evidence-based interventions for a broad range of patient needs, including (but not limited to) suicidality, trauma, anxiety and mood disorders. We are committed to getting patients into care quickly and delivering treatment interventions that get patients better.

"There's a significant increase in demand for mental health care and support for teens and young adults. Our tech-enabled services allow us to offer care that is accessible and impactful for patients, families, and broader support systems."

Sarah-Valin Bloom, SVP Clinical Strategy & Operations
Sarah-Valin Bloom
SVP Clinical Strategy & Operations

What sets Vita Health apart

Clinical work can be challenging. But we believe the right support, tools, access to resources, and community are the keys to success.

Career advancement

Receive clinical supervision, education opportunities, and CEU reimbursement.

Live and work remotely

Have the flexibility to see your clients from where you are.

Supportive team culture

Connect and collaborate with providers through case consultations and other community-building events.

Scheduling and billing management

Spend more time with your clients while we handle the paperwork.
Join us to transform adolescent mental health care

Join us to transform adolescent mental health care

Talented providers are critical to our mission. Come join us on this journey and help transform adolescent mental health care.

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